Big Cat Institute

Have you ever wanted to learn to be an expert of taking care of and handling big cats?

Our intern program is just what you have been looking for. Living on site in one of the world’s largest accredited zoos and learning everything about big cats that you would never learn in any public collage.

You will learn the diets big cats need to survive and remain healthy, Vet care, housing, enrichment, shifting, husbandry, handling, training, and you will have your own cub to care for through the time you are in our program which can either be 6 months or 1 year.


We will provide you housing, pay all utilities and $50.00 per week for food.


$3000.00 for a six month program

$7000.00 For a one year program


Upon completion of your course you will receive a certificate that you can take with you to work at some of the biggest and best zoos in the world.


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