The world of online marketing and social media is one of the most popular places for people to be mis-informed about anything. People can put things online who know nothing about anything but they become keyboard experts in many fields. Especially when it comes to white tigers and hybreeding big cats. Millions of dollars are raised online convincing you that white tigers are inbred to be white and hybreeding of big cats shortens their life and creates deformities.

Here is the truth


Let’s start with white tigers


White tigers come from a genetic mutation called a hetrosigus tiger which is an orange Bengal tiger that carries the white gene to produce the white coat. There is no such thing as a white Siberian Tiger. This gene is only found in Bengal Tigers. Two hetrosigus tigers mate and produce orange or white cubs depending on which one has the strongest gene or maybe even both the male or female. So what this means is NO  HUMAN can predict the color out come just by breeding white tigers together. You can breed two white tigers together and NEVER get a white baby so their (the people scamming you for money telling you lies) about white tigers that must be inbred to have white babies is wrong. They are posting this stuff online just to get your money to stop something that is not happening.


DNA from 19 zoos and Sanctuaries donated to these same geneticist and guess what. Not one Tiger was related. 

Link:  Oaktrust Library 


Now let’s talk about hybrids


Hybreeding is something that happens in the wild. This is how new species are found and discovered. Do you think Noah had all of these on one Ark?


Hybreeding of big cats has proven many things for us to learn from.


  1. They are all the same and derived from one cat millions of years ago or they could not breed and produce off spring making a hybrid cat

  2. It proves and has proven that hybrid cats are genetically stronger, healthier than purebred big cats. Just like a mutt dog gets sick and withstands illnesses and sicknesses much better than a purebred dog does

  3. Hybrid cats will be the only ones to survive climate change in todays world. As our climate changes and loss of habitat due to destruction hybrid cats are the only ones that will be able to adapt to these changes.


How it works

Male Tiger and Female Lion = Tigon

Male Lion and Female Tiger = Liger

Male Tiger and Female Liger = Taliger

Male lion and Female Liger = LiLiger

Male lion and Female LiLiger = L3 Liger